Located in the Chippewa Hotel on
Mackinac Island, Michigan


Urvana's on Mackinac Island, Michigan

Urvana has been living on Mackinac Island since 1990, when she fell in love with the Island life and its people.  She started managing the well established Island Scrimshanders for artist Gary Kiracofe and his wife Dawn in 1996. At this time she discovered a love of scrimshaw, hand forged creations and the artists that create them.  She is also thrilled by the beauty and mechanics of a well-crafted knife!

Pleased and honored to be taking over the Island Scrimshanders in 2016 (renamed Urvana's), Urvana continues to be committed to the high quality shopping experience customers have enjoyed for years.

Employees of Urvana's

Staff Picture (left to right): Urvana Morse, Barbara Price (14 years), Laura Bellamy (9 years), Brenda Shufelt (17 years), Mary Lou Newcommer (6 years)


It’s not uncommon for one or more of Urvana's boys to pop into the shop to say hello or to do errands for their mom.  Lola, their German shorthair, is a frequent visitor at the shop and enjoys greeting folks.  (She can be the star attraction at times.)

Family photo