Hand Crafted Ceramic Horse

Hand Crafted Ceramic Horse

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<head><meta charset="UTF-8" /></head>This whimsical horse was created by artist Michelle MacKenzie, She is using clay and out of clay, stamped with a subtle texture on his legs. This horse is glazed in brown with a white and black spotted rump, and carries a little bird perched on his back. His mane and tail are made with copper wire, and it will age and take on a green patina in a few years. Each sculpture is kiln fired, then glazed with high fire food safe glazes, and kiln fired a second time. Each sculpture takes at least 2 weeks from start to finish. It’s finish off by placing plastic bumpers on his feet so none of my sculptures will scratch a glass surface. Each signed with my M squared signature for the artist Michelle Mackenzie


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Large 7”