Chef’s Knife Damascus Steel

Chef’s Knife Damascus Steel

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Damascus Steel Kiritsuke Chef's Knife "Lightning Blade"


Individually forged Damascus Kiritsuke Knife made of 67-layer Japanese Damascus Steel with a HRC Rating of 62 for unparalleled hardiness and performance.

33-layers of Damascus on each side surround the Japanese VG10 Steel Core. Built to last and retain sharpness so that you will never need another Chef's Knife again.

Each of our Raikiri Kiritsuke Knives has a one-of-a-kind solidified wooden handle with octagonal geometry and a unique color scheme; the beauty of each handle is unique and there will never be another one created quite like yours *67-Layer Damascus Steel for sturdiness and razor-sharp cutting

    *Ergonomic Design with a comfortable solidified wooden handle

    *RUTHLESSLY Sharp for thin slicing and impeccable chopping